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      Li Zhihua
      Zhihua Li, born in 1963, male, professor and doctoral supervisor in college of Materials Science and Engineering, Central South University (CSU); visiting scholar in Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherland); One of the important founders of composite materials and materials chemistry major in college of Materials Science and Engineering. Important achievements have been made in teaching of the basic courses such as 《Polymer Chemistry》, 《Polymer Physics》, 《Polymer Materials》 and 《Functional Polymer Materials》. The member of the Academic Degree Committee of Materials Science and Engineering of Central South University; Expert member of the Undergraduate Independent Admissions Expert Group of Central South University; Expert reviewer of the Anhui Natural Science Foundation; Reviewer of major science and technology projects in Guangdong Province.

      Research field:

      1. Underwater acoustic functional polymer packaging materials (sound absorption, sound transmission, acoustic reflection) with high performance super water resistant.

      2. Functional Polymer/Metal Nanocomposites for New Energy

      3. Shape Memory Functional Polymer Composites for Aerospace

      4. New Multifunctional High Performance Special Coatings and Adhesives

      5. 3D Printing Technology, direct ink writing Molding to Produce High Performance Ceramics

      6. Preparation of Targets, Microspheres, Foams and Carbon Microspheres and Carbon Foam Based on High Temperature and High Performance Polymers

      Post Address: School of Materials Science and Engineering, Central South University, Changsha 410083, P.R. China

      E-mail: ligfz@csu.edu.cn

      Successively presided more than 10 research projects, including “863”plan, Military supporting project, scientific and technological key projects of Hunan province. Having long term Collaboration with China Academy of Space Technology, CSIC Haiying Group, Company of National Grid Hunan Branch, China Academy of Engineering Physics, CSIC 701, Aviation China Air-to-Air Missile Institute and so on. More than 100 high-level papers were Published in domestic and foreign academic journals, such as: Reactive and Functional Polymer, Surface and Coatings Technology, Polymer International etc. Among them, more than 30 were indexed by SCI, more than 40 were indexed by EI; In addition, 21 national invention patents were applied and 18 national invention patents have been authorized.

      Some selected journal papers

      [1] Li, Zhihua; Hu, Jiankang; Li, Yanbo; et al. Self-healing active anticorrosion coatings with polyaniline/cerium nitrate hollow microspheres [J] Surface & Coatings Technology. 2018(34)1: 64-70.

      [2] Li, Zhihua; Hu, Jiankang; Li, Yanbo; Liu, Jun. Polyaniline/zinc/cerium nitrate pigment for epoxy based anticorrosion coatings[J]. Reactive and Functional Polymers,2018.

      [3] Li, Zhihua; Hu, Jiankang; Li, Yanbo; Liu, Jun. Ce3+‐Doped Polyaniline Hollow Microspheres as Electrode Material of Supercapacitor [J]. ChemistrySelect, 2018,3(24).

      [4] Li, Zhihua; Shen, Yuting; Li, Yanbo; Zheng, Feng; Liu, Lanlan. Doping effects of cerium ion on structure and electrochemical properties of polyaniline [J]. Polymer International,2018,67(1).

      [5] Li, Zhihua; Shen, Yuting; Li, Yanbo; et al. Facile Synthesis of Polyaniline Hollow Microsphere via Self-Assembly and Its High Electrochemical Performance [J]. Journal of The Electrochemical Society.2018(165)7.

      [6] Li, Zhihua; Shen, Yuting; Li, Yanbo; et al. Preparation of polyaniline hollow microspheres/zinc composite and its application in lithium battery [J]. High Performance Polymers.

      [7] Guo, Lei; Yan, Zheng; Li, Zhihua; et al. GdPO 4, as a novel candidate for thermal barrier coating applications at elevated temperatures [J]. Surface and Coatings Technology, 2018, 349:400-406.

      [8] Guo, Lei; Zhang, Chenglong; He, Qing; Li, Zhihua; et al. Corrosion products evolution and hot corrosiom mechanisms of REPO4 (RE=Gd, Nd, La) in the presence of V2O5+Na2SO4 molten salt [J]. Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 2018.

      [9] Li, Zhihua; Hu, Jiankang; Chen, Ming; et al. Hydroxyl-Terminated Polydimethylsiloxane Modified Shape Memory Epoxy Resin [J]. Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering. 2018(1):160-165.

      [10] Li, Zhihua; Li, Hui; Liu, Lanlan; et al. Surface modification and UV resistance of high performance PBO fiber [J], Functional materials. 2018,49(01):1112-1116.

      [11] Li, Zhihua; Duan, Fangfang; Hua, Sijia; Liu, Xiaqing; Zou, Dehua; Niu, Jie; Liu, Lanlan. Preparation of novel heat-resistant phthalonitrile biphenyl-type novolac resin hollow microspheres.Zhongnan Daxue Xuebao (Ziran Kexue Ban)/Journal of Central South University (Science and Technology)[J]. 2017(48)10:2597-2605.

      [12] Li, Zhihua; Duan, Fangfang; Hua, Sijia; et al. Preparation and Properties of Phthalonitrile Biphenyl Novolac Resin Hollow Microspheres [J]. ACTA POLYMERICA SINICA. 2017(4)20:596-604.

      [13] Li, Zhihua; Chen, Ming; Li, Zhen; Liu, Xiaqing; et al. Influence of surface treatment on mechanical property of epoxy resin solid buoyancy materialsPolymeric [J]. Materials Science and Engineering, 2016(32)70-74.

      [14] Xie, Keyu; Wei, Wenfei; Yuan, Kai;Li Zhihua;et al.Toward Dendrite-Free Lithium Deposition via Structural and Interfacial Synergistic Effects of 3D Graphene@Ni Scaffold[J]. ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES. 2016(8) 39: 26091-26097.

      [15] Li, Zhihua; Peng, Qianyu; Li, Junjie; et al. Studies on the Structure and Properties of Ethynyl Phenyl Azo Novolac Foam[J]ACTA POLYMERICA SINICA. 2016(20)8: 1121-1127.

      [16] Li, Zhihua; Li, Yanbo; Lin, Wei;et al.Polyaniline/Silver Nanocomposites Synthesized via UV-Vis-Assisted Aniline Polymerization With a Reversed Micellar Microemulsion System[J]. POLYMER COMPOSITES. 2016(37)4: 1064-1071.

      [17] Xie, Keyu; Wei, Wenfei; Yu, Haoran; Li Zhihua; et al.Use of a novel layered titanoniobate as an anode material for long cycle life sodium ion batteries[J]RSC ADVANCES.2016(6) 42: 35746-35750.

      [18] Li, Yanbo; Li, Zhihua; Zheng, Feng; et al. Polyaniline/silver/cerium nitrate ternary composite: Synthesis, characterization and enhanced electrochemical properties[J]JOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE .2015(132)46.

      [19] Li, Yanbo; Li, Zhihua; Zheng, Feng; et al. Polyaniline hollow microspheres synthesized via self-assembly method in a polymer acid aqueous solution[J]. MATERIALS LETTERS 2015(1)148: 34-36.

      [20] Li, Zhihua; Li, Junjie; Lu, Jianti; et al. Preparation and electrochemical properties of Ag/PANI nanocomposite [J]. Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering, 2014(30) 7:168-172.

      Third prize of Nonferrous Metals Industry Science and Technology Progress award;

      New Product Award of Hunan province in 2007

      First Prize of Science and Technology Achievement Promotion Award of Hunan National Defense Science and Technology Industrial System