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      Cai Chouyang
      Zhenyang Cai

      Title: Director of Student Work Office/Lecturer

      Native place: Shangrao city, Jiangxi province

      Education: Doctor (Bachelor's degree、Master's degree、Doctor's degree of School of Materials Science and Engineering, Central South University)

      Division of responsibilities: Director of School Work Office, undergraduate counselor of class 2018, specialist in mental health education, committee member of labors union, secretary-general of Youth Science Association and Secretary of Student Work Committee, responsible for daily affairs of School Work Office and foreign exchanges, assistant management, award evaluation of graduate students, and assistant in Sino-foreign cooperation affairs of the College

      Personal profile:

      College Counselors Visiting Scholars of the Ministry of Education、National Psychological Counselors of Grade Three、The first prize winner of excellent papers on Ideological and political work in Colleges and universities throughout the country、Class 1406 he instructed won the title of "the first batch of vigorous League branches in Colleges and universities all over the country"、Instructing the student team to win the national silver award of the second China Internet + innovation and entrepreneurship competition.

      He was awarded more than 10 honors such as: Advanced Individuals in the Research and Practice of Hunan Postgraduate Ideological and Political Education、Hunan Provincial College Teachers'Pre-job Training for Excellent Students、Excellent Graduate Counselor of Central South University、Excellent trade union cadres and other honorary titles of Central South University、the first prize for excellent papers on Ideological and political work in national universities in 2018.、First Prize for Excellent Papers of College Counselors in Hunan Province、Excellent cases of Hunan ideological and political education research and practice、Top Ten Papers on Student Work in Central South University、Ten Best Cases of Student Work in Central South University、the first prize of the Graduate Ideological and Political Work Case Competition of Central South University, etc.

      He presided over and completed one key research project of Hunan's ideological and political education, four school-level ideological and political education reform projects, and participated in 12 research projects of the Ministry of Education, Hunan Province, Tianjin City and school-level ideological and political education. Eight papers on Ideological and political research and educational reform were published in national journals by the first author or correspondent author, of which two papers were included in international conferences and one monograph on Ideological and political research was written by ISTP.

      In addition, he participated in 6 national projects, such as major national projects and key projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. He published 26 papers on SCI, EI and CSCD, and applied for and authorized 9 national invention patents.

      Office Telephone: 0731-88830864

      Mobile phone: (+86) 18975812091

      E-mail: 657432853@qq.com; csuczy@126.com